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Groupage services

Groupage services – (transporting less-than-carload shipments) means collecting shipments from all over the country.

The groupage service is also available for ADR shipments (dangerous goods).  Consignments are transported by collecting trucks throughout Europe  and to their final receivers. A great advantages of the groupage service is its low price which is achieved due to our extensive network of distribution centers all around Europe.

he consignment weight for the groupage service can range from 1 kg to 1 500 kg.  Each destination can have minor deviations.

The dimensions of the groupage consignments are limited only by the dimensions of the truck. However, shipments are usually up to three EUR pallets. EUR pallet = 120 x 80 cm. We offer pick-up service for the transportation of larger goods, e. g. 6-meter-long bars.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond within 30 minutes.

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